Long papers:

  • Temporal sequence mining using FCA and GALACTIC* (Best Student Paper)
    Salah Eddine Boukhetta, Christophe Demko, Karell Bertet, Jérémy Richard and Cécile Cayèré.
  • Attribute Selection using Contranominal Scales*
    Dominik Dürrschnabel, Maren Koyda and Gerd Stumme.
  • Improving Performance of UpperNeighbors-style Algorithms with Empty Intersections
    Petr Krajča.
  • Quantifying the Conceptual Error in Dimensionality Reduction*
    Tom Hanika and Johannes Hirth.
  • Combining Implications and Conceptual Analysis to Learn from a Pesticidal Plant Knowledge Base*
    Lina Mahrach, Alain Gutierrez, Marianne Huchard, Priscilla Keip, Pierre Silvie and Pierre Martin.
  • Nested conceptual graphs for information fusion traceability
    Claire Laudy and Charlotte Jacobe de Naurois.
  • Random generation of a locally consistent spatio-temporal graph*
    Aurélie Leborgne, Marija Kirandjiska and Florence Le Ber.
  • Mining Contextual Rules to Predict Asbestos in Buildings*
    Thamer Mecharnia, Lydia Khelifa Chibout, Fayçal Hamdi, Nathalie Pernelle and Celine Rouveirol.
  • Ranking Schemas by Focus: A Cognitively-Inspired Approach*
    Mattia Fumagalli, Daqian Shi and Fausto Giunchiglia.
  • Generating Layered Enterprise Architectures with Conceptual Structures*
    Matt Baxter, Simon Polovina, Wim Laurier and Mark von Rosing.
  • On the use of FCA models in static analysis tools to detect common errors in programming
    Diana Cristea, Diana Șotropa, Arthur-Jozsef Molnar and Simona Motogna.

Short papers:

  • Packing Problems, Dimensions and the Tensor Product of Complete Lattices*
    Christian Jaekel and Stefan Schmidt.
  • Conceptual Relevance Index for Identifying Actionable Formal Concepts
    Mohamed Hamza Ibrahim, Rokia Missaoui and Jean Vaillancourt.
  • A Semantic-Based Approach for Assessing the Impact of Cyber-Physical Attacks: a Healthcare Infrastructure Use Case
    Mohamad Rihany, Fatma-Zohra Hannou, Nada Mimouni, Fayçal Hamdi, Philippe Tourron and Pierre-Alain Jullien.
  • An Approach to Identifying the Most Predictive and Discriminant Features in Supervised Classification Problems
    Alexandre Bazin, Miguel Couceiro, Marie-Dominique Devignes and Amedeo Napoli.
  • Restricted Bi-pattern Mining of Attributed Networks
    Guillaume Santini, Henry Soldano and Stella Zevio.

Student papers marked with a *. We will award a best student paper. More information here.