Privacy Protection is run by the Knowledge and Data Engineering team of the University of Kassel as a research project. Concerning the collection of private data is subject to the regulations of the Hessischen Datenschutzgesetzt and the Telemediengesetz of which ยง 33 HDSG has central importance. For a complete declaration according to the General Data Protection Regulation law we refer to:

In order to carry out the research, collects more data of its users and analyzes it in a greater extent than commercial web applications would do. The information is being used to provide and improve recommendation services, spam detection or ranking functions and also for the design of privacy aspects in social media. Results can later be applied to other web 2.0 applications. Since science is an open process the options for the data usage cannot be finalized or completed. For, however, there is no interest in the real person behind the user profile. The information will not be used for advertising. will not give information about the user to third parties. The only exception to this rule are other research groups, which can achieve a part of the data set, and use it for their own research and to revise the findings of the project. This data is made pseudonymous though.

Unregistered and anonymous users

In line with the usage of the following data is gathered and processed to provide the system’s services and to collect statistical information: the name of the requested site, the time of the request, the size of transferred data, the protocol message, if the request was successful, the referrer URL and the cookie with its session id. Additionally, the IP address of the calling computer is stored for research purposes, e.g. for developing spam detection algorithms. In order to analyze the user behavior, which is being explored to create new algorithms and to evaluate them, uses a click-log functionality, which stores every user click on a link within Indeed , does neither have the resource nor the intent to relate this data with the person behind the user.

Registered users

Inventory data

In the line of the registration collects the following data for the ground of contract of use, which might make conclusions to the identity of the user possible and with that also represent personal data of the user: the nickname, password and email address. The nickname and password are used to secure the access to the user’s account. The nickname itself is also part of the entered bookmarks and publications, which were marked public. The email address is used for research in the field of spam discovery and is also used for the process of the activation of the user account in order to prevent the abuse of extrinsic information. The email address or other registration data won’t be circulated to third parties.

Usage data

During the usage collects the following data, which may allow for drawing conclusions and so might represent personal information: Information for the authorization process like user name and password, or begin and end of a session, the name of the requested file, time stamp of entered and requested data, the size of the data transmitted, the success of transactions, the referrer URL and session cookies which contain user ids. For research reasons the IP address of the requesting systems is going to be stored. All the data is used to investigate matters of design aspects of data privacy, spam detection, ranking, recommendation or the overall improvement of the system. makes the collected data excluding the username, password and IP address available for other research facilities for scientific work in pseudonymous form. It cannot be categorically ruled out, that these prepared information can’t be connected to a concrete user within the system by comparison of the data set with the published entries of this user. If users are active using their real names as user names or their identity emerge from their public entries , cannot eliminate the possibility of personal references.


The entries created by a user during the process of using the system, i.e. the bookmarks and the links to posted literature, are used to provide the offered functionality to store the information for the same user for later access or in case of public entries for access of others including the possibility to copy the entries for his or her own collection. Public entries are used for research purposes like the creation of rankings and tag clouds and are processed during search in combination with the user who owns this entry and the user who started the search. Additionally there is the possibility for registered users to access and download public entries by using the programming API. The entries are being used for research purposes in fields like spam detection, recommender functions and are part of the data set, which makes available in pseudonymous form for other research facilities. If users end their memberships by deleting their user accounts, their entries are locked and cannot be accessed by users. The entries are stored, but will only be used for research purposes.

Advertisement is free of advertisement. No personal information will be used for assigning personalized advertisements and will be circulated to third parties for purposes of advertising.

Area of application

This privacy protection policy applies only for the collection of personal data by, but not for the service providers which are referenced within the entries of or other external web sites.

Right of disclosure

Users have the right to request information about the personal data connected to their username or person which is stored in free of charge.