ICCS-20 Keywords


  • Graph representations and analysis (GRA)
  • Knowledge acquisition (KA)
  • Beliefs and Inconsistency (BI)
  • Knowledge engineering (KE)
  • Constraint Satisfaction and Optimisation (CSO)

Keywords and Subtopics

 Graph representations and analysis

  • Existential and Conceptual Graphs
  • Graph-based models for human reasoning
  • Social network analysis
  • Formal Concept Analysis
  • Philosophical, neural, and didactic investigations of conceptual, graphical representations

 Knowledge acquisition

  • Conceptual knowledge acquisition
  • Data and Text mining

Beliefs, uncertainty and Inconsistency

  • Human and machine reasoning under inconsistency
  • Human and machine knowledge representation and uncertainty
  • Automated decision-making and argumentation
  • Preferences

Knowledge engineering

  • Contextual logic
  • Ontologies
  • Knowledge architecture and management
  • Semantic Web, Web of Data, Web 2.0
  • Conceptual structures in natural language processing and linguistics
  • Metaphoric, cultural or semiotic considerations

Constraint Satisfaction and Optimisation

  • Constraint satisfaction
  • Resource allocation and agreement technologies