The ICCS 2023 proceedings are available on SpringerLink.

Accepted Papers

  • Ontology Population from French Classified Ads
    C. Alec
  • Graph Extraction for Assisting Crash Simulation Data Analysis
    A. Pakiman, J. Garcke and A. Schumacher
  • Maximal Ordinal Two-Factorizations
    D. Dürrschnabel and G. Stumme
  • Towards confirmation measures to mixed attribute implications
    F. Chacón-Gómez, M. E. Cornejo and J. Medina
  • Factorization of formal contexts from modal operators
    R. G. Aragón, J. Medina and E. Ramírez-Poussa
  • Automatic Textual Explanations of Concept Lattices
    J. Hirth, V. Horn, G. Stumme and T. Hanika
  • Aggregation Functions and Extent Structure Preservation in Formal Concept Analysis
    C. Bejines, D. López-Rodríguez and M. Ojeda-Hernandez
  • Functional Dependencies with Predicates: What Makes the g3-error Easy to Compute?
    S. Vilmin, P. Faure-Giovagnoli, J.-M. Petit and V.-M. Scuturici
  • Conceptual Modelling with Euler+ Diagrams
    U. Priss
  • Concept lattices as a reduction tool for fuzzy relation equations
    D. Lobo, V. López-Marchante and J. Medina
  • Summarization of massive RDF graphs using identifier classification
    A. Santos and J. P. Leal
  • Postmodern Human-Machine Dialogues: a Pedagogical Inquiry Experiment
    M. Bocquelet, F. Caballero, G. Bataille, A. Fleury, T. Gasc, N. Hutte, C. Maurin, L. Serrano and M. Croitoru
  • Squared symmetric formal contexts and their connections with correlation matrices
    L. Antoni, P. Eliaš, T. Horváth, S. Krajči, O. Krídlo and C. Torok
  • Analysis of Slovak Court Decisions by Formal Concept Analysis and Machine Learning Methods
    Z. Szoplák, D. Varga, Š. Horvát, P. Gurský, L. Antoni, O. Krídlo and S. Krajči
  • Formal Concept Analysis for Trace Clustering in Process Mining
    S. E. Boukhetta and M. Trabelsi
  • On pseudointents in Fuzzy Formal Concept Analysis
    M. Ojeda-Hernandez, I.P. Cabrera, P. Cordero and E. Muñoz-Velasco
  • Towards a Flexible and Scalable Algorithm in FCA
    N. Leutwyler, M. Lezoche, D. Torres and H. Panetto
  • A Note on the Number of (Maximal) Antichains in the Lattice of set Partitions
    D. Ignatov