The conference is currently set to take place on-site in Münster. We keep monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 situation and will adjust accordingly should it become apparent that a physical meeting is not tenable. We will also try to implement a hybrid model for those participants who cannot travel to Münster.

As soon as we know the final venue, we will update this page with specific information on how the address and how to get there. We will also add information on where to stay.

About Münster

Münster is a beautiful town in Westphalia, Germany, comprising a lake (Aasee), a castle (Münsteraner Schluss),
churches, museums, parks including a botanical garden, and an old town among other highlights. Münster is known to be a very bike-friendly town and a town of universities with a multitude of universities situated in Münster including the university of Münster.

For general directions on how to get to Münster, please follow the link: