• Scrutable robot actions using a hierarchical ontological model
    Martin Jedwabny, Pierre Bisquert and Mădălina Croitoru
  • TAQE: a Data Modeling Framework for Trac and Air Quality Applications in Smart Cities
    David Martinez Casas, Laura Po, Raquel Trillo Lado and Jose Ramon Rios Viqueira
  • Using graphs to represent Japanese words for serious games
    Tristan Tribes, Virgil Rouquette-Campredon, Samuel Helye and Mădălina Croitoru
  • Explainable and Explorable Decision Support
    Tanya Braun and Marcel Gehrke
  • A new approach for employee attrition prediction
    Lydia Douaidi and Hamamache Kheddouci
  • Attribute Exploration with Multiple Contradicting Partial Experts
    Maximilian Felde and Gerd Stumme
  • Orbital Semilattices
    Jens Koetters and Stefan Schmidt
  • Semiotic Comparison of Mathematical Representations
    Uta Priss